Plus Series: High Performance Ethernet Adapters

TE-16XP Series (Software Configurable ISA Adapters)The TE16XP Plus Series High Performance Ethernet adapter features NE2000 compatibility, jumperless configuration, easy to use configuration/diagnostic software, and drivers for all popular network operating systems. In addition, industry standard NE2000 compatibility ensures operation with virtually all software in use today.

The TE16XP Plus Series outperforms every other card tested in it’s price range. Backed by a 5 year warranty, TRENDware’s TE16XP Plus Series is the best high performance Ethernet adapter available at any price.


  • No Jumpers or Switches, Software Configurable
  • 8/16-bit ISA Bus Auto-Sensing
  • Fully NE2000 Compatible
  • Diagnostic Software for Conflict Resolution
  • External LED Indicators (PWR/TX, LINK/RX, COL/JAB)
  • 16KB On-Board RAM buffer
  • Boot ROM Socket
  • 10 Mbps Transfer Rate
  • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty


  • Standards: IEEE 802.3 10Base-2 & 10Base-T
  • IRQ’s Supported: 3*, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 14
  • I/O Base Address: 200, 220, 240, 260, 300*, 320, 340, 360
  • Boot ROM Size: 8K*, 16K
  • Boot ROM Address: C0000h, C4000h, C8000h, CC000h, D0000h*, D4000h, D8000h, DC000h
    (* - Factory Preset)

Product Information

  • TE-16XP+/CT ISA Ethernet Adapter with BNC & RJ-45 Connectors
  • TE-16XP+/T ISA Ethernet Adapter with RJ-45 Connector
  • TE-16R Boot ROM for Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows NT

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