TE-SERIES: High Performance Ethernet Transceiver

TE-TFT High Performance Ethernet TransceiverThe TE-TFT is a UTP-to-ST Transceiver for Fiber Optic Cable.


  • IEEE 802.3 10BaseT, 10BaseFL standard
  • Fiber segment supports up to 2Km
  • Built-In standard ST connectors and can use multiple fiber size 50/125, 62/125, and 100/140m m
  • Eliminates the cross-over cable by providing DTE and MPR ports
  • Supports Full-Duplex
  • Extensive diagnostic LEDs


  • Standard: IEEE802.3 10BaseT, 10BaseFL
  • Protocol: CSMA/CD
  • Interface:
    • RJ-45: UTP 100 Ohm Cat.3, 4, 5
    • ST: 50/125m , 62.5/125m , 100/140m micro multi-mode fiber
  • LED Indicators: Power, collision, jabber, FL Link/Act, TP Link/Act
  • Max. Segment Length:
    • Twisted Pair: 100M
    • 10BaseFL 2000M
  • Temperature: 0 C ~ 70 C (standard operation)
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non condensing)
  • External Power Supply:
    • Input rate 100V/220V AC, 50~60Hz
    • Output rate: 5V DC
  • EMI & Safety: FCC Class A, CE; UL, TUV

Product Information

  • TE-TFT UTP to ST Transceiver for Fiber Optic Cable

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