TE100-PCBUS and TE100-PC16
10/100Mbps PCMCIA Ethernet Cards

TE100-PCBus and PC16 100Mbps PCMCIA Ethernet Card

specification sheet and press releaseThe perfect solution for connecting to today’s high-speed LAN through your laptop computer is TRENDnet’s TE100-PC16 Fast Ethernet Card.
TRENDnet’s TE100-PCBus gears with leading 32-bit bus architecture and full-duplex capabilities, which liberates high-speed network performance by providing a smooth connection to both 10/100Mbps Ethernet environments. This card is the ultimate solution for the CardBus equipped addition, its auto-negotiation feature also configures to meet any kind of network card.
Best of all, both cards guarantee easy installation, extra low power consumption with in-down mode, high reliable and board compatibility.