10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Fax Modem Card

TEM100-56 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Fax Modem Card

specification sheetTRENDnet’s TEM100-56 PC Card is the perfect solution for LAN/WAN applications. The 16-bit PC Card adapter combines both 10/100Mbps Dual-Speed Fast Ethernet and the optimal power of V.90/K56 flex dual mode 56K fax/modem capabilities. The TEM100-56 makes it simple to combine numerous communication jobs at the same time. The TEM100-56 let you dial into any on-line service and ISP. You can run both LAN + fax/modem function at the same time, making it the only PC card you need to get connected. With the tightly integrated networking and fax/modem communications, the users don’t need to juggle multiple cards for concurrent use of LAN and WAN, and the detachable interface connectors get the real convenience of two cards in one.