September 16,1998
For Immediate Release

TRENDware International, Inc., announces the introduction of its low-cost Internet Station called WEB Cruiser

Torrance, September 16, 1998: From its OFFICEnet line of desktop networking components, TRENDware International, Inc., introduces a low-cost, high-quality two port IP share device called the TW-200, WEB CruiserTM. The WEB CruiserTM allows more than one person in the same office to use the internet, using only one Internet provider. The TW-200 Intelligently monitors the communication link to ensure adequate bandwidth is available for the number of current users and balances the traffic across active lines to provide optimum access speed. The WEB CruiserTM can support up to 50 users sharing up to 4 IP addresses which saves on equipment costs and on-line charges.

What makes the introduction of theTW-200 WEB Cruiser so exciting is not the technology, but the price. New breakthroughs in chip technology have allowed TRENDware to bring this product to market for much less than the competition, while still delivering the quality that TRENDware is known for World-Wide. The WEB Cruiser ships on September 16.

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