Web Cruiser Series: Internet Stations

check out the specification sheet and press releaseTW-100 and TW-200 Web Cruiser Internet StationThe TW100/TW-200 Web Cruiser Internet Station is a simple and effective solution for network users to simultaneously access the Internet through regular phone lines. The TW100/TW-200 increases the productivity dramatically by allowing all computer users on the network accessing the Internet without adding additional phone lines and ISP accounts. The TW100/TW-200 minimizes additional hardware cost by sharing one modem, one phone line and one ISP account over the network. Additional modem and phone line can be used for maximum flexibility and bandwidth.

Features and Benefits
Cost-effective Internet Access

The TW100/TW-200 provides affordable method for all workstations on the network to simultaneously access the Internet. Everyone on the network now can enjoy access to the Internet on his or her computer without adding modem and phone line.

Simple and Easy Setup
Use your favorite web browser software for the TW100/TW-200 installation. Network administrator is able to configure the TW100/TW-200 from any computer on the network. The TW100/TW-200’s DHCP server automatically allocates an IP address to each workstation on the network, saving precious administrative hours. Moreover, the TW100/TW-200 continuously monitors the communication link between the attached modem and your ISP account. When the user definable timeout period elapses, the TW100/TW-200 drops the phone connection and saves possible online charges.

Tailored to Grow with Your Business 56K
The TW100/TW-200 is compatible with your existing 14.4, 28.8, 33.6 external modems as well as the new 56K models. ISDNmodems are fully compatible with the TW100/TW-200 for maximum Internet access up to 230.4Kbps data transfer speed. The TW100/TW-200 can also be easily upgraded through its flash memory for any possible new feature additions.

Intelligent Bandwidth Utilization
The TW100/TW-200 intelligently monitors the communication link to ensure adequate bandwidth available for the number of current users and balances the traffic across active lines to provide optimum access speed.

TW-100 & TW-200 solution diagram